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Slurry ice advantage

The best ice for freezing fish

  • 1. High latent energy
  • 2. Low energy cost
  • 3. Human energy saving
  • 4. Fastest freezing speed
  • 5. Extend the fresh time of food
  • 6. Pump-able
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 Slurry ice:


Slurry ice is full of suspended ice crystals, with the look of liquid or fluid. This new type of ice has many advantages in comparison with the traditional ice, such as flake ice, shell ice, crush ice ans so on. It can be used in direct contact with the object to be chilled. Due to the perfectly large contacing area, it has the very best cooling performance. Slurry ice can be reused again and again  inside one heat exchange system.





Advantages of slurry ice:



1. High latent energery: The slurry ice is binary mixture of water and ice crystals with a high heat interchanging capacity amounting to 80kcal/kg.



2. Low energy cost: The producing of slurry ice is 2 times engery saving than tranditioinal ice making. In adddition, the slurry ice can be stored in thermal storing reservoirs and approved by the heat department for being resued later on. It allows you to produce the slurry ice in the electricity off-peak when the electricity charge is cheaper and use them in the peak time, which can save you the electricity cost.



3. Human energy saving. Slurry ice machine does not need people to shovel and transport the ice the end-use destination. It is pump-able, and a hose can get the job done, which make it a very labor-efficient ice solution.



4. The largest contact surface with the products to be chilled. The heat transfer surface contact between the ice and the product is the largest, and the slurry ice is at sub-zero temperature, which makes the slurry ice fast chill the product to be temperature around 0°C. Once the liquid surplus is drained, the pruduct is left totally surrounded by smooth, round ice and consequently protected from the versatile enviroment.






5. The chilling time drops: It increase the chilling speed up to 200% compared with traditional ice.





6. Extend the fresh time of food. Extend the fresh time of fish, or meat to get enhanced quality and better price. Due to the round shape of the crystals and the absence of sharp edges and the fast cooling of the products, the slurry ice becomes ideal for application directly on the pruduct to be chilled so avoiding any damage to the product, which can improve the qulity and appearance of fish or meat.



7. More hygienic ice quality: The ice is always stored into thermal storage reservoirs and pumped through the pipes so there is no posibility to polluted by air-borne dust or other contaminant deposited on the exposed parts of the tanks and vats.



8. Pump-able: One of the main advantages of this system is its easy distribution. Due to its tiny crystals and pump-ablility, the slurry ice has the property to flow through small tubes and holes, so it can be pumped through rigid and flexible pipes from its generation point up or down to its application point, basically not limited by the destination of the end-user.



9. Lower infrastructure cost: The necessary ancillary equipments for the slurry ice machine is less as it does not need facilities below:
a. Load-bearing facilities of great ice silos.
b. Mechanical system to remove the ice from the silos.
c. Light tanks to transport the ice to final destination.
d. Electic or gasoline trucks.
e. Maintenence of the facilities, especially the moving parts.
f. Conveyor belt for the ice